We sell both retail and wholesale products. Our birch bowls are sold to anyone. Other products are only available to resellers.

  • Pricing. Shipping and handling is based on order total. Since the actual cost of shipping to the United States and Canada is different, our prices are different for US and Canadian customers. Prices for US orders are in US dollars and prices for Canadian orders are in Canadian dollars.

  • Payment. When we receive your order we will contact you to make payment arrangements. All orders must be paid before shipment. We accept checks, Visa and Mastercard.

  • Shipping. We do our own customs clearance for U.S. orders. In the summer we ship to the U.S. once a week, and in the winter months every two weeks, generally on Tuesday or Wednesday. Please have your orders in by the previous Thursday for the next week's shipment.

  • Christmas schedule. During the Christmas season we close our shop and office at the end of the Friday previous to Christmas day. We are back to work the Monday following New Year's Day. To ensure delivery for the Christmas rush, you should order no later than the 7th of December (as we cannot guarantee that the shipping companies will get the product to our customers in the same timely fashion as they normally do).

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Phone: 250 226-7036 • Fax: 250 226-7033